Welcome to Live Well Diary, the hub for a range of resources designed to support you in living your most fulfilling life. Whether you’re aspiring to craft a life filled with joy, eager to connect with like-minded individuals who relish the art of living or determined to optimise your time on this precious planet, our blog is tailor-made for you.

About Anna

Meet our founder, Anna Ong, an entrepreneur and speaker who firmly believes that true wealth involves more than just financial success. According to Anna, a well-rounded life encompasses self-care, whether through nourishing meals or invigorating hikes, instead of simply indulging in a Netflix binge. Having navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship, Anna understands the struggle of balancing competing priorities in life.

About - Anna Ong

Thus, Live Well Diary was born with a dual purpose:


1. Support and Tips:

Anna Ong imagined creating a nurturing platform. The mission was straightforward: to offer assistance and useful suggestions to individuals actively striving to improve their lives, all while maintaining aspects such as health, family, friendships and professional ambitions.

Central to this mission is a dedication to cultivating a community where people experience support, understanding, and empowerment. The platform becomes a virtual sanctuary where visitors can find solace and encouragement in pursuing a well-balanced life. Anna recognised that the journey to living well involves navigating various challenges and aims to offer a helping hand to those on this transformative path.

Anna and a team of contributors also share insights from personal triumphs and challenges, making the guidance relatable and actionable.

2. Comprehensive Resource:

Our blog serves as an extensive resource, covering everything from developing happy relationships to managing stress effectively to achieving financial stability. The content is curated by individuals who have traversed similar paths and are eager to share their insights.

Examples of these blogs are about relationships which serve as virtual mentors, providing a wealth of advice on effective communication, conflict resolution, and fostering intimacy. By sharing personal anecdotes, relatable stories, and expert perspectives, these blogs create a supportive space for readers to glean practical tips and implement positive habits within their relationships.

Acknowledging the ubiquitous challenges of modern life, Live Well Diary addresses the crucial topic of stress management.

The platform provides:

  • A holistic approach.
  • Offering practical tips.
  • Mindfulness techniques.
  • Personal narratives from contributors who have conquered stress in their lives.

Some blogs in Live Well Diary give more information to understand the inseparable link between financial well-being and overall life satisfaction. The content covers various topics, from budgeting and investment strategies to insights on cultivating a healthy relationship with money.

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What We Believe

At Live Well Diary, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality information about living well. Hence, we present our content in an accessible and easily understandable format, ensuring that valuable insights are within reach for everyone.

Our Goals

Our overarching goal is to revolutionise how individuals approach leading a well-rounded life, aiming to equip them with the essential tools to thrive in every aspect of their existence.

1. Personal Growth and Development: Be a valuable resource for personal growth, acquiring insights and strategies to elevate various dimensions of your life.

2. Community Engagement: To get people to actively participate in the online community, sharing experiences, supporting, and establishing connections with like-minded people on a similar life journey.

3. Learning and Education: Encourage people to engage with the diverse content formats on the website; these include articles, videos, and workshops to continually learn and expand your knowledge in areas related to living well.

4. Goal Setting and Planning: To get individuals to utilise the website’s resources to set personal goals and have actionable plans for achieving them, fostering a profound sense of purpose and direction in your life.

5. Explore Diverse Perspectives: Get people to explore various perspectives, thoughts and approaches to living well, broaden their understanding, and adopt strategies that resonate with them.