Wow, it’s mind-blowing to look back at last year (2023) incredible journey at Live Well Diary.

In 2023, we made strides. We successfully released over a hundred blog articles. We launched a new podcast called The Happiness Minute. To connect with our audience, we actively shared content on social media platforms and lastly, maintained an engaging presence on YouTube.

As we kick off 2024 with our awesome 150th blog post since 2022, we’re itching to spill the beans on all the cool stuff we’ve been up to! A big shoutout to Live Well Diary’s amazing web users, readers, and listeners. Your support means the world! We’re feeling pretty excited about what’s cooking up in the year ahead, and we can’t wait to give you a sneak peek.

The Remarkable Blogging Journey of 2023

Throughout the year, Live Well Diary has consistently delivered content to its readers with over 100 blog posts. Each article explores aspects of living a positive and enjoyable life.

Celebrating 150 Blog Posts

This is our 150th blog post since 2022. We are proud of this accomplishment and the community we’ve built. Every single post has resulted from the passion for empowering readers and encouraging them to bring about transformations in their lives.

Live Well Diary’s blogging milestone is not just a numerical achievement but a testament to our unwavering commitment to be a trusted blog companion on the journey to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

The Happiness Minute Podcast

A notable addition to our repertoire in 2023 was the launch of our podcast, the Happiness Minute. This audio experience is designed to bring a moment of joy, inspiration, or reflection into the daily lives of our listeners. With short, impactful episodes, the Happiness Minute has quickly gained a loyal following, contributing to the expansion of the Live Well Diary community.

So, let’s talk about something pretty cool that happened in 2023 – the birth of our podcast, the Happiness Minute! We wanted to add a little something special to your day, and this audio experience is all about bringing a burst of joy, inspiration, or just a moment to reflect on your daily routine.

The Happiness Minute has been a significant player in making our Live Well Diary community even bigger and better.

Daily Social Media Presence

We’re all about keeping it real and staying connected with you! In the last year, we made it a big deal to be present on all the social media hotspots. You know, those places where we spill little nuggets of wisdom, give you sneak peeks behind the scenes and dive into fantastic conversations with our community.

Here’s the list of where we are active

YouTube Channel Highlights

Live Well Diary takes pride in the dynamic and engaging presence we’ve cultivated on our YouTube platforms – specifically, the Live Well Diary channel and the Live Well Wisdom Channel. During the year, an important strategic decision was made to designate the Live Well Wisdom Channel as the primary hub for Live Well Diary’s YouTube content, signifying a deliberate focus on providing enriching and insightful visual experiences for our audience.

The decision to elevate the Live Well Wisdom Channel to the forefront is a strategic move aimed at streamlining our content delivery and ensuring a more focused and tailored experience for our viewers. By consolidating our efforts on a single channel, we seek to enhance accessibility, simplify navigation, and provide a cohesive visual narrative that aligns seamlessly with the Live Well Diary ethos.

The Live Well Widsom YouTube channel has evolved into a bustling hub of activity, pulsating with daily uploads. Our commitment to offering diverse and valuable content is reflected in the subjects covered, ranging from stimulating workout practices and delectable healthy recipes to thought-provoking interviews with experts in the field of well-being. This deliberate diversity ensures that our channel remains a comprehensive resource for individuals embarking on the transformative journey towards living well.

Keep watching as we utilise the power of storytelling to shed light on the journey towards happiness and wellness. Through every upload, we are committed to building a haven on YouTube that motivates, educates and connects with our community.

What’s in Store for 2024

Anticipating the evolving needs of our audience, we have exciting plans for the coming year:

1. Twice Monthly Podcast Episodes: We’re excited to announce that we’ll increase our podcast content by adding episodes twice a month, building upon the response to the Happiness Minute.

We’re pulling out all the stops by bringing in some incredible guests. Experts who truly understand the subject matter and are ready to provide information and offer perspectives. It’s not only the experts we’re interested in; we also value your input. We are eager to listen to your anecdotes, successes and obstacles – we are all ears.

Get yourself prepared for engaging, in-depth conversations that go beyond surface-level topics. Get ready for a mix of knowledge, relatable stories and practical guidance that you can actually put into action.

2. New Shop Launch: Live Well Diary is thrilled to announce that we are launching a new online shop.

Created with attention to detail, this store is designed to feature various products that align perfectly with our objective of promoting an approach to balanced living. Suppose you’re searching for wellness tools or inspiration; when our webshop launches, check out the selected merchandise. Our shop will be ready to be the ultimate destination for anyone committed to their journey towards well-being.

LWD Journey - Online Shop

3. Informative Content Expansion: We are fully dedicated to offering information on how to lead a fulfilling life. This year (2024), the focus will be exploring new topics, conducting thorough research and collaborating closely with experts. Through these efforts, the aim is to deliver information that empowers the readers of Live Well Diary to be well-informed.


As we reflect on the achievements of 2023 and eagerly look ahead to 2024, Live Well Diary expresses sincere gratitude to our readers, listeners, and followers.

We owe our success to your support. We’re thrilled to continue this journey with our web users and community. Here’s to a life filled with happiness and success and embracing all the opportunities the new year has in store.

Stay tuned for more inspiration, insights, and joy from Live Well Diary in 2024!