Spirituality Can Be Accessible Even On A Busy Schedule

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spirituality for busy people - spirituality can be accessible

Spirituality holds significant importance in numerous individuals’ lives, and spirituality can be accessible even to people with a busy lifestyle.

Finding time for it can often pose a challenge amidst the fast-paced nature of our existence. The business world often motivates employees to concentrate exclusively on their tasks and responsibilities. Allocating adequate time to discover one’s own path can be challenging, especially when juggling family, friendships, and other commitments. At times, the concept of spirituality appears distant and unreachable.

How can something intangible as spirituality, be accessible to people who are constantly busy? How can you escape your busy schedule to practice spirituality when you’re always trying to catch up on sleep?

Well, it takes work.

Why is spirituality meaningful in our busy lives?

Some people hold the belief that spirituality’s only relevant to those who have no meaningful pursuits or those with nothing else to do. This is not true.

Spirituality is suitable for everyone. It is ideal because it helps you:

  • Find meaning in your life.
  • Find peace in your life.
  • Find ways to connect with others.
  • Cope with tough times.

You can be spiritual on a busy schedule.

Like most adults, you probably have a packed schedule – work, school and various other obligations. This doesn’t mean that spirituality should be pushed aside. You can incorporate your spirituality into your busy schedule in many ways. You have the flexibility to allocate time in the morning, during lunch, in the evening or whenever you find a moment to spare. The key is to discover a method of setting aside time for it amidst your schedule.

Also, spirituality is not limited to going on a retreat. Spirituality can be accessed in your own home, on your schedule.

Without a doubt, people who lead busy lives with minimal free time must prioritise incorporating spiritual rituals into their existence.

spirituality for busy people
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Reading books on spirituality has proven to be an effective method for me.

Another way I practice spirituality without having any extra space or time is by simply noticing how beautiful everything around me is: the trees blowing gently in the breeze, sunsets lighting up clouds, and raindrops falling onto puddles after storms.

Spirituality can be accessible as you can practice it in small increments throughout your day.

When you consider practising your spirituality, the first association that comes to mind might be the idea of a long and arduous process. For specific individuals, this could involve rising early at 5:00 in the morning to meditate or partaking in hours-long religious services at a temple on the weekends.

This is especially true if your religion has a ritual component. Incorporating spiritual practices into your daily routine is indeed a feasible endeavour.

It’s crucial to grasp the concept that spirituality goes beyond one activity; it can be done in numerous different ways. If you are accustomed to associating this term with merely one aspect, it would be wise to consider integrating it with other means, like a short prayer of thanks and mindfulness for a few minutes daily.

Incorporating spirituality into one’s daily schedule – how can it be accomplished?

For those seeking additional avenues for practice, it may be beneficial to incorporate these ideas into your schedule:

  • Begin your mornings by setting aside moments for meditation and introspection. This valuable time that’s been set aside allows you to focus on the things that hold importance.
  • Take a moment at the start or conclusion of each day to express gratitude for all you possess and the individuals who are a part of your life.
  • Take time for stillness. Taking just a minute of your time can have a positive impact on both your mood and productivity. Consider incorporating a practice of meditation with a mantra or by setting an intention for the day. Alternatively, you can engage in deep mindful breathing directing your attention towards the rhythm and flow of your breath.
  • Consider using a portion of your lunch break to engage in a brief walk outdoors or partake in a meal with someone who uplifts your spirits, or even better. Do both.
  • Taking the time to unwind with friends or even new acquaintances in a tranquil setting after a long day of work can be incredibly beneficial. It could be as simple as leisurely sipping on tea while admiring a breathtaking sunset on the beach. Or perhaps indulging in uninhibited dancing at an underground rave in a deserted parking lot. These moments of respite from the chaos of everyday life can serve as reminders of what truly holds significance.
  • It is recommended that before retiring for the night, one should engage in the habit of reading something spiritual. This could involve selecting a book that possesses the power to inspire or opting for a literary work penned by an author who shares similar interests with oneself.
spirituality for busy people

Spirituality encompasses more than just solitude in a church or temple.

From a young age, I have a deep interest in spirituality. As part of my family routine, we frequently attended religious services together.

Nonetheless, as I advanced in age and embarked on exploring the world around me, my attraction to spirituality developed into a quest for discovering inner peace within the chaos of my daily life.

Spirituality can be nurtured without the necessity of dedicating all your time to church or temple.

Indulging in a brief period of meditation or prayer each day can be genuinely calming and beneficial in fully acknowledging and valuing the many blessings around us.

Instead of going to a church or temple, you can create sacred spaces in your everyday environment.

Here is an example:

  1. You should see an unused location in your home or office.
  2. If you are at home, you could put a candle in the chosen area.
  3. Think about what type of space you want to create. You can make a space that is peaceful or a more sacred space. You can also create an area that is somewhere in between.
  4. After you have chosen the type of space you want to make, you should choose a scent. You can choose from scents like incense, essential oils, flowers, or candles.
  5. Finally, consider selecting a colour scheme for the area. There are options available such as red, blue, pink or green.



Make a conscious effort to prioritise your inner self. Even if you have a jam-packed schedule.

Allocating just five minutes daily can tremendously impact your ability to tap into your spirituality. Consider engaging in activities such as taking a stroll amidst nature’s wonders and dedicating time to meditation or indulging in an inspirational read before you retire for the night. You may find it incredible to discover the profound impact a brief mindfulness instance can have on your daily existence.

Spirituality can be accessible no matter how busy you are.

Start your journey now!

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