A Journey to Finding One’s Self Series: The Benefits of Decluttering Your Mind

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One of the most important benefits of decluttering your mind is that it helps you focus on what’s important in life.

People may have said, “You can’t find your purpose if you’re surrounded by clutter.” That’s true! But it’s also something that we don’t usually think about.

What Does It Really Mean To Declutter?

The word “decluttering” often brings images of homes and offices with less clutter, more space, and a more open flow.

When we talk about decluttering our homes or offices, we’re talking about throwing away things we no longer need.

When we talk about decluttering our minds, we’re talking about getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us well and are hindering us from moving forward.

Declutter Your Thoughts

When you are surrounded by physical clutter, it’s difficult to find purpose in life. You may be able to see your goals clearly, but they become obscured by all of the barriers that clutter creates. It becomes easy to lose motivation and get discouraged.

Decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of physical stuff—it’s also about clearing thoughts that weigh you down and make you feel defeated before you even begin. For example: “I’m not good enough,” or “I don’t deserve this.” These thoughts have nothing to do with reality; they’re just things we tell ourselves because we’re afraid or nervous.

Declutter them from your mind so that there is space for positivity instead!

Declutter Your Pain

Pain is a part of life. We experience pain in one way or another, but sometimes it can feel like there’s no end to the suffering.

I’ve found that it’s usually because something needs attention within me when I’m in a dark place and feel like I can’t see my way out.

Sometimes we are deeply hurt that we don’t even realise they’re there until something triggers them to come up to the surface. The good news is that these wounds do not have to stay with us forever if we commit ourselves to heal from them.

You may ask why you should bother trying when things seem so difficult.

The answer lies within your own heart: your desire for change is enough fuel for motivation!

If nothing motivates you at this point, then ask yourself what would happen if nothing changed. Survive today by any means necessary but never forget who you are or what matters most in life – everything else will follow suit!

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Declutter Your Expectations

Expectations are different from goals. Expectations are often a set of standards or criteria that you use to evaluate the success or failure of something. They can be helpful if they’re reasonable, but we often set our expectations too high, leading to stress, anxiety and disappointment.

To declutter your mind, it’s essential to stop setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. Your mind is a powerful tool that can help you achieve great things. However, it can also work against you when it tries to convince you that something should happen in a certain way or within a specific time frame.

When this happens, take time out of your day (or schedule) today and reflect on all the things that have happened this week because they weren’t what was expected! If we had no expectations, then nothing wouldn’t be anything disappointing us!

Declutter Your Time

Time is a precious commodity. It’s something you only have so much of, and if we don’t use it wisely, our lives tend to suffer.

There are many ways to waste time: worrying about things that don’t matter or you can’t control, spending time on things that aren’t important and don’t bring us joy, and feeling guilty because you’re not doing something productive with your life. These all add up and take away from our daily lives, which is why decluttering your mind should also include decluttering your time!

Declutter Your Purpose

If you’re trying to find your purpose, then it’s likely that you are surrounded by clutter. Clutter is the enemy of clarity and focus, which help us find our purpose.

Our minds can only think in one place at a time, so if we have clutter, something else is being thought about instead of what we should be thinking about.

The more clutter there is in your life, the harder it will be to find your purpose because everything else gets pushed aside due to a lack of room for anything else except the clutter.

Clutter creates a lack of space where one could find their passion or purpose if they could remove all of the junk from their lives and mindsets (which would mean eliminating all distractions from social media).

You can’t find your purpose if you’re surrounded by clutter.


The benefits of decluttering are limitless, and you can start by taking the first step today. Start by eliminating the clutter in your thoughts, then move on to what’s weighing you down emotionally. Once you’ve taken care of those two things, focus on clearing away expectations and time constraints to finally find purpose in what matters most!

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