Don’t Let The Past Get You, Find Your Inner Strength

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find your inner strength - gratitude

Life can be challenging and most of the time we dig deep to find our inner stregnth. I won’t deny that. It’s important to acknowledge that the challenges one can encounter are not solely a product of the surroundings. Our mindset and perspective can also contribute significantly to our problems.

People who have succumbed to problems often let the past define who they are and how they think about their world today. It’s perfectly fine to look at and recall memories. However, it is advisable to embrace the aspects that disregard the others and view them as valuable lessons for the days ahead.

It’s normal to worry about what others think of us.

Humans are naturally inclined to seek validation and value the opinions of others. We desire both acceptance and admiration from the people around us.

In any situation, you cannot control how others perceive or feel about you. It’s crucial to prioritise growth and happiness regardless of how others respond or behave towards you.

Practice self-forgiveness.

Self-forgiveness can be a complex topic for individuals, particularly when we find ourselves in situations where we believe we made a mistake or caused harm and wish to avoid the accompanying feelings of guilt. However, in some instances, granting oneself forgiveness can be a liberating encounter, not an essential one.

We all have regrets. We wish we could undo certain things and berate ourselves for them. For instance, should one make a wrong choice, one might feel remorseful about the decision to proceed? If you could turn back time, you keep thinking you would make a better one. As soon as you acknowledge your error, you can start brainstorming strategies to prevent repeating that mistake. When such situations arise, you must grant yourself forgiveness for any errors and proceed towards making decisions in your life.

find your inner strength - forgive yourself

Find something to be grateful for.

At times, we may need to recognise when we reach a stage where we feel disoriented and encounter difficulties in navigating our path. I know. I’ve been there. After spending years in that place, I realised I was trapped. When I found the strength to liberate myself, I started remembering all the aspects of my life that deserve gratitude.

Gratitude is such an essential part of finding your inner strength. You view yourself as someone capable and hopeful, focusing on the things you can anticipate in the days to come.

You’ll remember that you’re a good person worthy of love and happiness and, therefore, can find it. A sense of gratitude allows you to acknowledge the possibilities in any situation and broadens the scope of undertaking new life opportunities.

Find your inner strength and don’t let others define who you are.

Don’t allow others to dictate or determine the course of your life. You have one chance in this thing we call “life”, so make sure you make it count by embracing every opportunity that comes your way of what others may say!

find your inner strength

Do things you love to make yourself happy.

If you are feeling down, why not do some activities that bring joy and brighten your spirits?

Do something physical, like going for a power walk or hitting the gym.

Do something artistic, like drawing or writing poetry.

Do something social, like calling friends or taking someone out to lunch.

To find your inner strength, do what you enjoy doing. Do prioritise engaging in activities that uplift your mood and provide a sense of fulfilment no matter what situation you may be facing.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Embrace the opportunity to reveal one’s self to others. Every individual has their identity. It is crucial to acknowledge and embrace this individuality for both oneself and those in our midst.
Every person has a narrative. Nobody truly comprehends the experience of being you. You possess individuality and significance, and your personal story is truly remarkable and one of a kind.

Don’t allow others to dictate your identity or determine your potential because they lack insight into the depths of your mind!

Stay authentic. Don’t allow the viewpoints of others to influence you, and follow the path that brings happiness into YOUR life!

Use your heartache to develop a more loving and compassionate heart.

After experiencing pain, it becomes natural to protect oneself by building barriers around the heart, preventing others from causing further harm. But this is a mistake. By isolating from the world, you might be shielding yourself from hurt, but at the same time, you’re denying yourself the immense happiness that loving connections can offer.

It’s not just romantic love that hurts; platonic friendships and familial bonds can sometimes cause great suffering. At times in life, we might encounter situations where we have to deal with the loss of someone or witness their illness. It can also be challenging when someone close to us goes through times. We try our best to support them. It can be truly devastating to witness a relationship with someone we truly cherish falling, reaching a stage where there seems to be no hope of reconciliation.

A favourable option would be to embrace vulnerability and love in the face of potential risks. Of being deterred by the possibility of getting hurt, we should view every act of love as a chance for growth and resilience. In that manner, you develop the resilience required in life and will not allow you to isolate yourself from the people around you.


The past is not something we should dwell upon. In fact, we should learn from it.

Take some time to evaluate the path your life is heading towards. Explore how to transform these obstacles into opportunities for growth and enhance your confidence. This way, you won’t be just getting over circumstances but healthily getting over yourself.

Be thankful for the past and live for today.

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