Top 10 Most Fun And Adventurous Winter Outdoor Activities For Adults

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winter activities for adults - snowman

Winter in the UK is here, and it’s time to prepare your winter clothes, hats, scarves and mittens.

Winter is always fun with the snow falling from the sky and the frosty weather. On snowy days, even on rainy ones too, we always get to do some fun outdoor activities that are adventurous and are the most fun for adults.

In this article, we share some winter outdoor activities for adults. Dive in and explore these fun-filled experiences together!

1) Ice skating

Ice skating is a winter activity for people as there is nothing quite like gracefully gliding across the ice in the chilly air. When going ice skating, it’s essential to exercise caution as it can be risky if you’re unfamiliar with techniques.

It’s advisable not to venture out alone unless you have someone who knows skating who can watch over you in case any unexpected incidents occur.

As a beginner, take lessons from an instructor at your local rink or join an adult skating class if you’re interested in getting even more practice with other adults who also love spending hours on end on the ice.

2) Sledging

Sledging is very easy and requires only a few things like a sledge, snow, and some family and friends.

It’s one of the most accessible winter activities; anyone can go out and use a sledge without buying anything special.

You can find sledges at any toy store or even online at places like Amazon or Etsy or eBay.

winter outdoor activities for adults - sledging

3) Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a fast-paced, physical game. It is played on an ice rink. It is a popular sport in Canada and all over the world. It’s an exciting game that keeps you on your toes with every play shift.

A team consists of skaters and two goaltenders who wear special equipment like helmets, masks, chest protectors, and protective pads on the shoulders, hips and legs. These items help prevent injuries such as broken bones when players collide during playtime.

Players use sticks to propel a small rubber disc, or puck, across the ice and into the opposing team’s goal.

winter outdoor activities for adults - snowmobile

4) Snowmobiling

Snowmobiles are very similar to motorcycles but run on snow rather than roadways. It is mainly built for speed, manoeuvrability and safety—meaning it can be difficult for both beginners (or even experienced riders) without proper training.

Before embarking on a snowmobiling adventure, it’s crucial to check the laws in the area. Being aware of any licensing or registration requirements that may be applicable is essential.

It’s also recommended to wear protective clothing like helmets and goggles when riding a snowmobile. Lastly, make sure your insurance policy covers winter sports!

It’s also recommended that you wear protective clothing like helmets and goggles when riding in case of an accident. Lastly, make sure your insurance policy covers winter sports!

5) Skiing

Skiing is an activity that involves utilising a set of skis. It involves going down a slope on the snow with two planks attached to your feet. It’s an activity that allows one to experience the exhilaration of speed and soaring through the air but also contributes to one’s fitness.

There are forms of skiing like downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. Each of them offers an experience for different instances.

6) Snowboarding

Snowboarding involves riding down a hill on a snowboard. The snowboarder uses their feet to push themselves down the slope and/or their hands to guide their direction.

7) Hiking in the snow

There is nothing like walking through the snow and enjoying the crisp air while looking to see the beautiful natural scenery. This activity can be relaxing and soothing to the mind, especially when enjoying wildlife or outdoors.

You can take a quick walk or plan an all-day hike across several trails—the endless possibilities!

You can hike through winter forest preserves and state parks.

Well-known hiking trails are often cleared of snow early in the season, so you can start your hike immediately without worrying about finding a path that is not covered by snow.

If planning on venturing off the trail, consult the authorities for guidance and approval before embarking.

8) Winter Camping

Camping is excellent for experiencing the outdoors in all its glory, but it’s beautiful in the snow!

You can go camping nearby, like in your backyard, campground, or state park.

Here are some tips for camping during winter:

  • Make sure you have enough warm clothes for everyone in your group.
  • Bring extra blankets and sleeping bags if someone gets cold at night.
  • Ensure you have plenty of food, water, and other winter supplies before leaving on your trip so that you don’t have to go again later on to get them!
  • Stay near civilisation so that if something goes wrong, help will be nearby (like if someone gets hurt).
  • Bring a map of trails.
winter outdoor activities for adults - camping

9) Outdoor cooking

Take advantage of the winter weather by setting up a grill or fire pit outdoors and grilling up some yummy food.

There are many recipes for grilled hamburgers or cheese sandwiches, s’mores, hot chocolate, apple cider…the list goes on!

10) Snow Sculpture Making or building a snowman

Snow sculpture-making involves building a creative sculpture using snow. The sculptors use their imagination and creativity to make anything from animals and people to buildings and other objects.

Why not build a snowman? Building a snowman is another fun activity adults can do during winter. A snowman is usually made by piling up snow into a human-like shape and then adding facial features such as hair, eyes, a nose made of carrot or parsnip, a mouth and ears with coal-black buttons or pebbles on top of it.


Hopefully, this list of winter outdoor activities for adults has given you some ideas for ways to enjoy this winter.

One important thing – remember your common sense and stay safe out there.

And hey, if you come across any other great outdoor activities that are fun, exciting and filled with adventure, let us know!

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