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To live in the now is the foundation of happiness. It’s much simpler to talk about than do it, particularly if you’re similar to me and have spent a portion of your life lost in thought—making plans for the future, dwelling on past errors or fixating on insignificant particulars.

When you can embrace the moment, you will experience a heightened sense of peace and fulfilment unlike anything.

And here’s how to live in the now:

Be grateful.

We all know that expressing gratitude affects well-being. Practising gratitude helps people to remain mindful and fully present at the moment. When we appreciate the things we currently possess, our minds tend to steer off dwelling on errors or anxieties about the future.

Appreciating things within one’s reach, such as having a place to call home or food stocked in the refrigerator, brings a sense of calmness. And it eases worries about other aspects of life.

Gratitude helps you stay focused on what’s happening, which means being happy!

Tolerate ambiguity.

Tolerating ambiguity means being comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing the answer to something.

That’s right—you need to be okay with not knowing!

Examples of these are:
We can refrain from imposing meaning on every social interaction or event around us.
Not to take everything at face value.
We understand that not everyone perceives things in the way that individuals from different cultures may have different perspectives.

Being able to tolerate ambiguity can be very beneficial in helping live a happy life and avoid burnout. If we constantly ponder over all the consequences of an action before proceeding, it’s natural to experience anxiety regarding what might unfold. When someone expresses a viewpoint that contradicts their own (especially if they are being dishonest), it becomes challenging for us to maintain trust in them.

Cultivate a sense of humour.

Having a sense of humour is incredibly valuable. A sense of humour allows us to experience more happiness, better health and a greater understanding of fulfilment.

When laughing, the whole body relaxes, and stress levels drop — even if only for a few minutes.

When we’re feeling happy and carefree, we also tend to have an outlook enabling us to navigate life’s obstacles more easily. So, when you laugh at yourself and your circumstances, you can often make the best out of any situation.

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Be mindful of the present moment.

To be mindful, you must avoid worrying about the past or future. If you ever ponder over occurrences from your experiences, pause for a moment. Contemplate the reasons behind its relevance in the current moment. If something good happened in the past and made your life better, then great! Does it really matter if something terrible occurred (or didn’t occur)?

When contemplating the future, it is crucial to centre our attention on embracing the moment rather than succumbing to anxieties about what could unfold in the upcoming week year or even two decades. It’s crucial to understand that considering the future doesn’t imply disregarding the present. At times, when we become overly engrossed in making plans, we tend to overlook the moment. Being mindful and present is vital in order to discover happiness.

Notice the world around you.

That might sound cliché. It’s genuinely accurate! We’ve all experienced those instances where we’re strolling back, from work or enjoying a meal when something grabs our attention out of nowhere. Whether a beautiful flower blooming in the backyard or a bird landing on top of a car, pay attention to these little things that make life so wonderful.

If observing nature is not your thing (or if you don’t have access to any), try noticing the beauty of people around you instead! The next time there’s someone doing something kind for another person or even just smiling at them, really take note of how this makes both parties feel: it will fill up their hearts with joy knowing that they’re making others happy and brightening someone else’s day—and yours as well!

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Help others whenever you can.

When assisting someone, the focus is on their needs, which brings a sense of fulfilment both in the act itself and your self-worth.
When lending a hand to others there’s no need to concern ourselves with how they perceive us because our thoughts are not self-centered. Rather the sole attention is devoted to aiding those who require assistance.

This can be as simple a gesture as holding a door open for somebody behind you or giving directions when lost in an unfamiliar place. These small acts of kindness can impact other people’s lives! Even simple actions like smiling at strangers can improve their day for no reason other than showing them some love.

Meditate every day.

Meditation can help you to focus and be calm.

One method to cultivate mindfulness is training our minds to remain present. During meditation we develop the ability to concentrate on our breath and detach ourselves from overthinking. This practice aligns with the importance of embracing the moment in our lives!

Be with people who make you happy.

We all have friends who seem to always be in a bad mood. Friends that complain about many inconsequential things that are not worth complaining about and treat others poorly. If this situation always occurs, consider changing friends or removing them from your life altogether. You don’t need these people around if they bring negativity into it!

The same goes for those friends who are always negative: ditch them! It’s exhausting trying to be happy when someone keeps telling us how sad we look all the time; why waste our energy when we could be using it on better things?


Living in the now is a way of life. Learning something valuable does not happen through one approach nor can it be mastered overnight. Being present and living in the moment necessitates fully being conscious of your surroundings and practising mindfulness.

Well now that you’re aware of these suggestions, why not seize the opportunity to embrace the moment? Get there. Fully experience the present!

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