5 Ways to Establish New Healthy Habits

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If you’re like me, you want to develop healthy habits. It could be going to the gym daily, eating more vegetables, or meditating regularly.

But if you intend to develop this new habit, how are you doing? And how did things turn out? For most people, developing healthy habits is a process. Creating one takes time and patience.

In this post, I’ll show you some tips for developing your habits, so you can progress toward being healthier and happier in your own life!

1) You can develop new habits just by starting small.

It’s true that some of the behaviours we want to change are very large, like losing weight or quitting smoking, but these goals require breaking down into smaller tasks to reach them (e.g. eating healthier and exercising more).

It’s okay if you go to the gym less than five days a week from the beginning — one day a week is a good start.

If you miss a few days, that’s fine. Just pick back up again when you’re ready! The important thing is just getting started and moving toward your goals rather than worrying about every little detail.

Remember that it’s better to do something small than nothing at all!

2) Write down your goals.

What are you hoping to accomplish? Is it to lose weight, improve energy, or feel better? Whatever it is, please write it down. Put it where you can see it, like on your fridge, whiteboard, corkboard or bathroom mirror. Seeing it, you’ll be reminded of what you’re working towards each time you look at it.

Goals help keep track of your progress, and they’re also helpful in getting you started on new habits.

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3) Keep track of your progress so that you can see it daily.

If you use an app or calendar, make sure that it’s something that shows up in your notification tray or on your desktop. The goal is to make tracking a habit as well, so if you’re only reviewing your log once a week or once a month and then letting it sit on top of everything else until then, then there’s no chance for the habit of tracking anything to form.

Keeping track isn’t just about accountability and giving yourself positive reinforcement when you do something good!

4) When you encounter obstacles, remember that setbacks are expected, and most people experience them regularly.

Don’t let failures stop you – they are part of any successful process.

You may feel like quitting sometimes, especially if your initial attempts go differently than planned. Don’t let this discourage you; failures are expected and part of any successful process. Instead, think about failures as bumps in your journey toward developing a new healthy habit that will last for years.

5) Do it with a friend or family for better success.

One of the best ways to help ensure that you stick with a new healthy habit is to do it with a friend or family. Having someone else there to support you, encourage you, and celebrate successes can make all the difference when it comes to creating habits that stick.

Here are a small number of healthy habits you can begin developing today

  • Make it a habit to move every hour and get up if you sit down for long periods. You can do this even for a few minutes if you’re in your office chair or at a desk job! It will help you burn extra calories and keep your metabolism throughout the day.
  • Take time each day to do something active that you enjoy—whether jogging around the neighbourhood, going for a walk with friends, or playing basketball in the park. Whatever works best for you! It should be fun so that it doesn’t feel like “work” and so that you can stick with it long-term.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water all throughout the day. Your body needs hydration to function correctly, so ensure you’re not only drinking enough water but also staying hydrated by avoiding other drinks (like coffee or soft drinks).


Keep these tips in mind if you’re inspired to start a healthier lifestyle. Remember: the journey is yours to make. You can do it one step at a time until it becomes second nature — and in no time, you’ll wonder why you ever waited so long to change your life for the better.

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