9 Tips On How To Make a Great First Impression On your First Date

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impression on a first date

First dates can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and awkward, but don’t worry!

In this article, we’ll discuss everything from how to feel comfortable on a first date, dressing appropriately to having a few questions ready to ask to make your first date an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Here are our tips on making an impression on your first date:

1) Be on time.

The foremost thing to make an excellent first impression on your first date is to be on time. Don’t show up too early because it makes you seem overeager, and eagerness can come across as desperation (and nobody wants to date someone desperate). Also, don’t show up too late because that’s just rude!

2) Make a good first impression by dressing appropriately.

How you dress can help or hinder your date’s impression of you and vice versa.

Remember that whatever you wear should be clean and pressed, with no visible stains on your clothes or body (e.g., makeup).

You mustn’t go too flashy when picking an outfit for a date. This may intimidate the other person into thinking you’re more interested in impressing them than getting to know them.

Similarly, it is equally inappropriate to dress too casually—this could give off the impression that they’re not worth dressing up for!

3) Be positive and confident.

Confident people don’t seem afraid or nervous because of their self-perception. They’re aware that there’s no point in trying to be something other than yourself—that’s especially true when trying too hard could backfire on your attempt at making an excellent first impression!

And if someone is confident enough to know themselves and feel comfortable expressing who they really are (even if it involves a little risk), then chances are others will appreciate how authentic he/she seems right off the bat.

Positivity goes hand-in-hand with this sentiment: being positive means shying away from negativity at all costs; no one wants their date feeling uncomfortable right off the bat because all he/she hears over dinner is complaining about everything under the sun!

As much as possible during those initial moments together, try focusing on what brings joy into each others’ lives rather than dwelling on things which might cause stress (like work stressors).

impression on a first date - picnic

4) Listen as well as you talk.

You want your date to feel they have your undivided attention. You should also make sure to listen as well as you talk.

Ask questions about their interests. Ensure they know that you are interested in what they say. Don’t interrupt or talk over them, but also don’t just listen—give your date the benefit of knowing that you care enough to give them your full attention.

5) Make eye contact and smile.

When you make eye contact with your date, they will likely feel more comfortable and open up to you. They won’t feel they must be on guard for awkward silences or weird moments. Instead, you can focus on being friendly and having a good conversation—what’s not to love about that?

Because first dates are often nerve-wracking, people tend to look away when they’re nervous (or if their food arrives). But looking away isn’t always a bad thing. It shows your interest in the person you’re talking with! If they keep looking at me while I’m talking, it can seem like they’re bored or uninterested in what I’m saying—which will only make me feel worse about myself!

Smiling shows that we are friendly, approachable people who also want others around us. When we smile at someone else who is smiling back at us–even if just slightly–it makes both parties feel more comfortable than before because there is no more extended tension between them due to bad feelings caused by previous events, such as arguments or disagreements over political views etc.

impression on your first date

6) No phones!

When you go on a date, your phone should be packed in your purse or back pocket.

Why? Because phones are distracting. If you can’t give your full attention to someone for an hour, why would they want to spend more time with you?

7) Focus on enjoying the date

When we’re nervous or uncomfortable and trying too hard, our brains don’t function fully, and we lose our ability to accurately read other people’s body language and facial expressions.

So, instead of making a good impression, focus on being yourself and having fun with your date.

8) Keep the conversation going

First impressions can be formed in the first few minutes of meeting someone. It can be hard to recover if the conversation doesn’t flow easily.

That’s why preparing some good questions before your date is essential to avoid conversations becoming boring. This way, you’ll have something to talk about, even if there are awkward silences or other problems with the conversation.

Ask open-ended questions. Examples are “What do you do?” or “What’s your favourite movie?” You should also come prepared with stories about yourself that show off your personality — but don’t tell them all at once! Let them unfold as the date progresses so they’re fresh when needed. And keep an eye out for signs that the other person is interested in hearing more about something, like leaning forward when you start talking about a particular subject or asking follow-up questions so they can learn more about what interests you.


impression on your first date

9) Don’t talk about your ex or badmouth other people

This is a mistake some people make on a first date.

If you’ve just gone through a breakup, it’s understandable that you’d want to vent or talk about how terrible your ex is, but don’t do it on your first date with someone else! It will make them feel like they’re competing with your ex, and they’ll never be able to win that competition because an ex will always be better than anyone else. Don’t mention their name or say anything negative about them! You’ll only come across as bitter and jealous if you do this.


First impressions are essential, so remember to follow these tips on your next first Hopefully, we’ve provided you with enough information and ideas to ensure your next first date goes smoothly. Of course, the best way to avoid awkwardness is for both parties to be comfortable with each other, to begin with, but these tips can help dispel any tension that may arise. So remember—be confident, be yourself, and have a good time!

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